Literacy Center
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* Donation Level: $20 Supplies an entire classroom of students with pens, pencils, notebooks, and paper
$40 Teaches an entire classroom for one hour
$50 Provides two reading textbooks for one adult student
$60 Purchases the necessary textbooks for one adult in a math class
$100 Provides three hours of instruction for one adult student
$250 Provides four packages of Assessment Score Sheets
$300 Covers the cost for classroom books for one adult in all five courses
$500 Will move one student through an entire course
$500 Provides 20 WebMic headsets for English Language Learners (ESL Students)
$800 Provides for two weeks of classroom instruction
$1000 Provides 670 bus passes to students needing transportation to attend classes
$1500 Provides 75 hours of paid classroom instruction
$2500 Graduates an adult through all GED courses required for a diploma and a better job!
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